Renovator’s Delights

After having done {all of~all} the {basic~fundamental~required~necessary~essential} {research~research and preparation}, {you’re now~you’re} ready to {begin~start} {searching~looking~shopping} for {the right~the perfect~a} {place~property}.

This is {when~where} {things get~it gets} {exciting~really exciting}. You {must keep~have to keep~need to keep~need to have} your wits about you, {as~because} {choosing a property~property selection} is critical.

When you {get to this stage~take your researcher’s hat off and put your buyer’s hat on}, what {you want~you’re looking for} is {potential for renovation~renovation potential}.

You {must~need to~have to} assess each property not only {regarding~on} {what condition it is~what it is~where it’s at} right now, but what it {can~could} be {once~when} you’ve {done your magic to~renovated} it.

{The~Your} {main~first} consideration is the {state~condition} of the property. {You want~You’re searching for} {a place~something} {that needs work~that’s crying out to be renovated~rundown}, but not{completely~utterly~totally~absolutely} derelict (unless you {love~really love~really like} a challenge)!{Next~Then} you {need to~will} {think about~consider} the {mood~needs and wants} of the {current~local} market, and whether {this~the} {place~property} {might~will~could} meet them with {your improvements~optimal improvements}.

Finally, you {should~need to} consider how {much you need to do to~far you can take} the property.
Some {places~properties} {will only~just} need a {quick fix-up~basic style change~facelift} to {bring you~make you~gain} a {good~decent~tidy} profit.
Other properties can be {quite~completely~totally} transformed, {bringing~taking} them to {a far superior state~the next level} and unlocking {better~higher~superior} profits.

{Generally~Roughly} speaking, there are three {kinds~types} of properties that attract renovators:The ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ {means it is~is} a solid property, in {sound condition~good condition~good nick} structurally but the decor is {faded~dated~tired}.

{It will respond to~It’s begging for~It needs} fresh paint, carpet, fittings and fixtures, and the garden needs {a revamp~a tidy up~tidying up}.
The ‘Fixer-Upper’ {will generally be~is usually} older and {in rougher condition~rougher} than the Patch ‘n’ Paint.
The decor {will still need~still needs~needs} {a revamp~updating~attention}, but it {should also have~also needs} a kitchen {and/or~or~and} bathroom makeover.
The {‘Fixer-Upper’~problem child} {often has~may have~has} {some structural~structural} {problems~issues}.

It {may~might} have cracks in the walls or need a new roof. {Possibly~Perhaps} the {plumbing or wiring~wiring or plumbing} is {uselss~shot} and needs {replacing~to be replaced}. These {issues~problems~defects} can be {very costly~costly~expensive} to {repair~fix~put right} {and yet won’t~but don’t} necessarily {return~add} {a comparable~any} value.

The ‘Knock-Down’ {says it all, requiring~requires} a {complete~top to bottom} restoration or demolition. These properties often {attract~catch the eye of} developers, {particularly~especially} if they’re in a {good~great} location, on a large block or have fantastic views. From {experience~my experience}, the best {places~bets} {to renovate~for renovating} for profit are the ‘Patch ‘n’ Paint’ and the ‘Fixer-Upper’.

The {type~amount} of renovation work you should {do~attempt} {will depend~depends} on your knowledge, {experience, skills~skills, experience} and contacts, but {most people~the average person} {are able~should be able} to {do up~renovate} these {kinds~types} of {places~properties} without too much trouble.
{Also~In addition~Plus}, they {tend not~don’t tend} to have a high level of risk.

Dealing with structural defects{Generally~Generally speaking~In general}, I advise people to avoid {properties~the properties} that need {serious~structural~serious structural} work.

{It’s best~You want} to spend {the~your} renovation budget on improvements that {buyers and tenants~buyers or tenants~tenants or buyers~tenants and buyers} can {see immediately~see} {because~as} that’s how you get results.

Spending money {fixing~on fixing~repairing} defects that are {unseen~not seen} eats into your renovation budget and you may not see a buyer who appreciates {quality for some time~quality}, therefore your profits will be reduced.

{Basically, tenants~Tenants} and buyers expect a property to have good foundations, wiring and plumbing. They won’t pay extra for it, so the extra expenditure to fix the defect doesn’t add any value.

If you do {want~decide} to make an offer on a property with structural defects you {must~need to~really should} get a quote to find out how much it will cost to rectify the problems {so you can~and} factor that into {the~your} {purchase~maximum purchase} price.

If the numbers still stack up then go for it. {Plus~And~Remember}, you can usually {negotiate~negotiate hard} because {most other~generally, other~many buyers} will be scared off by the “problems”.

Don’t skimp on inspection reportsMany property investors are tempted to save a few bucks by {going without~foregoing} {an inspection report~inspection reports} when {buying~they buy} a property.

Don’t {be tempted~do it}! Termite infestations, dodgy wiring, rotten foundations. There are many {possibilities of~potential} problems with any {house~structure~building~home} that {most people~the average person} won’t notice.

{And any~Any~And just~Remember, any~Remember, just} one of these problems {could~can} cost you big bucks. You wouldn’t buy a second-hand car for $10,000 without a $250 inspection report, so why {purchase~would you purchase} a property for several hundred thousand dollars without an inspection report {that just costs~for} a a little more? For your peace of mind get the inspections done. For building inspections brisbane, contact Home Inspect today or visit their web site.

Meeting market demand{Now let’s~Let’s forget about property for a minute and} think about people, {because~because despite what most renovation newbies think,} renovating for profit is a people business, not a property business.

{Tenants~That’s because the tenants} or buyers of your renovated property are the source of your {money~profits} -from either the rent you receive or {the profit~what} you make {when it’s sold~once it’s sold~when you sell it}, so to maximise your return you {need to~must} {develop~create} a {place~property~home} that tenants {will~want to} rent and buyers want to buy.

{It’s~This is~That’s} the golden rule if you {intend~want} to {profit from~make a profit} renovating houses.

If you intend to {keep~hold onto} the {property~renovated property} then you need to research your target tenants for the {area~suburb}.
When you match a property to target tenants you’re {not going~less likely} to have {down-time with an empty house~vacancies}, or need to {reduce~make a reduction in~discount~cut} therent {just to~to} get {people~someone} in.

{Build a good relationship with~Talk to} property managers and find out what type of properties are {desirable~most wanted~most desirable~most sought after} in the {area~suburb}. Tell them you’re looking at buying an investment property in the area, and ask them what tenants prefer.

What sort of property is {needed~in short supply}? What {kind rents~rents} the quickest?In this suburb do tenants prefer houses or apartments? Do they {prefer~want} one, two, or more bedrooms? Do they require parking or not? You {should~need to} know these {basics~facts} {so~before} you can make an informed decision {about~on} what to buy.

If you intend to sell the property {after renovating~once you’ve renovated} it, the same principle applies but now you must consider the wants and needs of buyers rather than tenants.

While there are {some~a lot of} similarities, there are differences you should cater for.

{And finally~Finally}, although there will be some features of the property you can improve, some features, such as {location~the location} and aspect, etc, are fixed.
You can do a first class renovation, but if the property backs onto {railway tracks~train tracks~a railway line} {you can expect to~you’ll have} trouble renting and selling it.

{This is~That’s} why {selection of a property~property selection} is {critical~so critical}. {Remember~After all~I always say}, you {may be able to~can always~can} improve a {house~building~property}, but you can’t improve its location.

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The benefits of a steel rainwater tank

Queenslandwide steel rainwater tanks are an increasingly common sight across the Australian suburban landscape, and for good reason. We live in a hot, dry country where every drop counts, and many homeowners are eager to protect the earth’s precious resources and save money at the same time. While earlier models tended to be bulky and unattractive, the latest domestic water tanks are specially designed to fit into awkward spaces and complement modern architecture. Steel is proving to be the correct choice, not only for its stylish looks, but for its durability.

Space is a premium on urban blocks with smaller land sizes. Because of this Queenslandwide’s extensive range of custom-size slimline water tanks are increasingly popular in urban areas of Australia, where space is a real problem. These slimline water tanks have evolved so oval tanks, rectangular tanks and other configurations meet the needs of customers who don’t have the space to fit the traditional round water tanks on their blocks.

The benefits of a steel rainwater tank for your home are considerable and will offer you plenty of return on your investment, and you don’t need to live in a rain forest area or a high rain density area to have one.

Australia is now embracing the water tank phenomenon and at Queenslandwide Tanks, we are here to help you with all you need to know when it comes to rainwater harvesting. When you invest in a Aquaplate water tank, you will be able to collect most of the rain that falls on your roof if you have it connected to your gutters and downpipes. For example, if 10mm of rain falls onto about 100m2 of your roof, you will collect about 1000 Litres of rainwater into your water tank. Just imagine, after 4 days of light rain you could easily harvest around 4000 litres of rainwater.

The benefit of rainwater tanks are endless and of course ensures that your home becomes environmentally friendly. You can reduce the amount of water used from the main supply therefore reducing your drain on this precious resource. By reducing the demand on mains water to your home, you will reduce your water bills, and by connecting the rainwater tank to a rainwater pump you will be able to water your gardens, wash your cars and fill your swimming pool whenever you want at no cost.

The other benefits of installing a Slimline rain water tank in your home are the government rebates now available to residents across Australia. And did you know that rainwater is actually less salty than dam supplies therefore it is much healthier for your gardens and appliances like your washing machine as they will actually be better of using rain water. The other benefit of owning rain water tanks means that you will never have to worry about water restrictions around the home for washing your car and watering your garden.

Imagine how easy it would be to wash your car with rainwater whenever you like, and imagine how beautiful your lawn and plants are going to look when you start using rainwater for your garden.

It’s best to use the water in the tank on a regular basis so there is always storage capacity available in the water tank when it rains. By connecting your water tank to a washing machine or toilet, you will get good use of the tanks supply and will allow rainfall to re-fill the rain water tank more often. By using the water tank this way you will maximize the amount of rainwater you will harvest and the money you will save.

If you are looking for Steel Tanks Brisbane, Slimline Tanks Brisbane or Water Tanks Brisbane

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Big Bang Education Brings Hands-on Science workshops to Brisbane Schools

Do your children think science is too hard or think it is really boring? Have you observed that they like putting things together or taking things apart? Do they have a lot of questions? Do they like to investigate and look for answers? If one of your answer is “Yes,” then Big Bang Education is just what your child needs! Big Bang Education provides Brisbane science school workshops, OSHC and vacation care programs as well as high energy and entertaining science themed parties.

Big Bang Education science parties will be sure to excite, entertain and also educate everyone involved. From making slime, blowing giant bubbles and eating ice cream made right in front of you using liquid nitrogen, our science parties will create a memorable experience for years to come. All children attending also receive a science party bag with more experiments so fun can continue at home.

Our science school workshops are guaranteed to be fun and educational. All school programs have been specially designed to be run in parallel with the current Australian science curriculum. It is also organized in a way to help teachers achieve necessary results in understanding science. We know how busy teachers are, so a Big Bang Education science program will save you time and effort, and you know that you are getting a program not fits exactly into the curriculum.

There are different programs for each year level, namely, Foundation/Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year Six. Each of the programs includes hands-on activities so that each child can actively participate and personally experience the science behind each activity. There are a maximum of 30 children per session. Each workshop has entertaining activities and is fully-packed with entertaining demonstrations and fun activities. Most of the activities are designed to be individually performed and then the children will share their new knowledge with the whole class.

Here are more details of each year level’s program:

* Foundation/Prep
Basically, the prep program focuses on hands-on workshop where your child investigates movement. The questions how living things move and how their environment plays an important role to their movement can be answered. The program has 60-minute session with follow-up worksheets that should be emailed to the booking teacher.

* Year 1
For students who are enrolled in the Year 1 program, they experience first-hand the exciting science behind sound and light. They are introduced to the basic facts about light and sound including the senses we are using to detect them. They are shown how to manipulate the various characteristics of a sound like pitch and volume. Lastly, they are taught what are the different sources of sound and light around us.

For its hands-on workshop, students are exposed on the different loudness and pitch of various instruments and have experimented with making sounds by using common objects. They also get to know the colours making up sunlight. After the workshop, they make their own UV light detector.

* Year 2
The Year 2 program focuses on how an object’s motion and shape are affected by push and/or pull. This program is very fun while the children explore the different forces that cause push and pull and how these forces causes an object’s shape to change or affect its movements.

In its hands-on workshop, students will learn how can objects float or sink by different forces affecting the objects that are placed in water. Students also investigate how different toys from various cultures move by pushing and pulling. And the students build parachutes to conduct a class experiment in the most important of all pulling forces, gravity.

* Year 3
The Year 3 program fits into both physical and chemical sciences. In this program, students learn the three different states of matter— solid, liquid and gas. They also get to see on how things can change from one state of matter to another. Students start off watching a science show that showcases some of the dramatic and exciting changes of state using liquid nitrogen.

In the hands-on workshop, students learn how heat is produced and how cooling and heating can cause an object to change its state. They are also taught how to use thermometers in order to measure temperature.

* Year 4
For the Year 4 program, students are entertained by the exciting science behind contact forces and non-contact forces. Contact forces include push and pull and friction. Non-contract forces are magnetism and gravity.

The students will be excited to see and learn how forces can affect the movement of objects during the hands-on workshop. They witness the effects of friction on various surfaces and the forces behind the attraction and repulsion of magnets.

*Year 5
For students under Year 5 program, they get to experience an investigation of the properties of light. During its hands-on workshop, students can get a better visual understanding of how light is absorbed by different material and how it is reflected or refracted. Mirrors are used to experiment on directing beams of light. They also get to see different optical illusions.

*Year 6
The Year 6 program is designed to help the students learn more about electricity, with a specific focus on renewable energies such as solar and wind. The workshop is a self-learning investigation of how electrical circuits work and how to create the different kinds of electrical circuit. The workshop includes learning of using light bulbs and switches and of different ways on how to generate electricity.

All of our Brisbane school science workshop programs are mentored by professional and well-experienced science educators who have more than 10 years of teaching experience. Also, all of our programs are catered to meet the criteria of Australia Curriculum science under the categories of physical sciences and chemical sciences.

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Friendly Smiles Dental – Open On Saturdays For Your Convenience

Teeth and gum health is critical not only for maintaining a radiant, aesthetically-appealing smile for the long haul, but also to minimize the risk of potentially life-threatening medical conditions including cardiovascular disorders, heart attack and according to recent studies, even pancreatic cancer, which are associated primarily with periodontal diseases. Although people acknowledge regular visits to the dentist s office as being of utmost importance for their dental health, lack of time on account of a hectic lifestyle and busy work schedule is one of the main reasons as to why people do not visit their local dentist as often as they should and even avoid scheduling an appointment altogether.

According to a recent nested survey conducted by the Australian Research Centre For Population Oral Health and focused on possible reasons for the avoidance and/or delay of dental visits, 67.1% of the Australian adults admitted that they avoided visiting the dentist or visited the dentist less frequently than they felt as necessary. When asked why they did not go to the dentist, 30.3% of the Australians ( most of them aged between 25 and 39, with higher levels of education) who participated in this survey indicated lack of time as a reason, 31.9% cited just not getting around to it as a reason and 8.5% rated the inconvenience of getting to the dentist as a reason.
Between your job, sometime working overtime, school schedule, your family life and other time-consuming community obligations, finding the time on weekdays to prioritize your dental health needs may seem impossible to achieve. When looking for a licensed, reliable and well-respected dentist open Saturday Brisbane patients have the opportunity to leverage the expert dental services of Friendly Smiles Dental, a reputable practice specialized in a wide array of dentistry services, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, holistic dentistry as well as preventative care and emergency trauma care.

Utterly committed to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in professional dental care by providing exceptional, dependable and up-to-date yet affordable dental services for all family members, Friendly Smiles Dental also offers patients residing in Brisbane and the surrounding areas flexible and convenient dental office hours in order to fully accommodate their busy lifestyle.

When seeking a trustworthy, experienced and compassionate dentist open Saturday Brisbane patients will find in their best interest to secure the professional dental services provided by Dr. Tom Trevethan and Dr. Ben Kim, two licensed, dedicated and caring dentists who understand that your time is valuable and more importantly, who respect your precious time. With a remarkable dental experience of four decades, Dr. Tom Trevethan has gained the reputation of making his patients feel at ease on the dental chair. A modern dental facility, Friendly Smiles Dental combines state-of-the-art dental equipment with an innovative approach to dental care.

If you have any questions, want to learn more about the professional dental services offered by Friendly Smiles Dental or want to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Tom Trevethan or Dr. Ben Kim on any Saturday, for your convenience, do not hesitate to call at 07 3397 0610. Remember that it is your prerogative to fit professional dental care into your hectic life!

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Brisbane Home and Land Packages

OJ Pippin Homes builds affordable quality homes throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our company strives to give our clients a stress free building experience, whether it is to live in or to invest.

With over 100 superb design and floor plan options to choose from we can help you find a house to suit a specific block, location or site and most importantly to suit your budget and requirements.

If you also require land, our Sales consultants are ex-land sales and real estate agents so they know the whole building and land acquisitions process back to front, so they can act as a buyer’s agent to help you source land if you don’t have your own.

OJ Pippin Homes have currently sourced great value land for House & Land Packages throughout Brisbane, Gold coast and the Sunshine coast.

All packages are complete ‘FULL TURN KEY’ packages which means we take care of everything for you from full landscaping and paths to window furnishings and floor coverings. Simply move in and enjoy your new home.

Our aim is to have you enjoy success whether it is for investment purposes or your own home at the lowest possible cost while maximising your future financial position. Any investment, whether rental property or owner-occupier, requires careful consideration as it is one of the major decisions an individual will make. OJ Pippin is committed to providing you with your property within 12 weeks of council approval and a continued relationship to ensure that everything remains to your satisfaction.

For investment packages, we have expanded our operations to include our own ‘in-house’ marketing division – not only do we build it, but we can rent it for you and arrange the property management post completion. In addition we can point you in the right direction to maximise your returns such as steering you via a qualified quantity surveyor to provide you with a depreciation schedule to take advantage of the taxation benefits that are available through the ATO.

From our strong customer focus and through direct honest contact OJ Pippin Homes is often involved in a number of repeat projects with our owner-occupiers and investment clients.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane Home Builder, House & Land package or more information on this Brisbane builder call 1800 OJ HOME (1800 654 663) If you’re Building today, Go the OJ Way!

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